Free 10 Anti-virus programs

hari nie datang lagi rajin acik nak cari benda yang free utk di share..dan kali ini free anti-virus program yang boleh kita downlod..
hehehe..yup,percuma yer...ingat org je ke perlukan perlindungan,pc pun perlukan juga tau...
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This article really needs no introduction. There are many free anti-virus programs on the market, and you want to sort the wheat from the chaff. Fair enough. Documented here are the 10 best antivirus programs on the market.
While I won’t attempt to rank the programs here (in many ways the programs can’t be compared), I will attempt to give you an idea of under what circumstances they will be useful.
The order here for the 10 best antivirus programs  is mostly random, so be sure to read every entry if you want an idea of what will work for you.

Microsoft Security Essentials

10 best antivirus programs
Released by Microsoft in late 2009, Microsoft Security Essentials sports more than a typically verbose Microsoft name: it’s also a really good antivirus. Lightweight enough to run on older machines without crippling their performance, yet competent enough to handle most viruses and malware out there.
Perhaps the best part of MSE is its simplicity. As you can see, the user interface is really clear, with large buttons for the most basic functions. This is important if you’re setting it up on a computer for someone who is not computer-savvy.
Finally, MSE is completely free – there’s no professional version you can upgrade to. In fact, it’s even permissible to use in business situations, meaning you can use it at work without breaking the law. This alone sets it above most of the other selections for the 10 best antivirus programs.
Read more about MSE in Stefan’s article here or download MSE here.

AVG Free

This one recently topped our Movers and Shakers list of the top downloaded free anti-virus programs. But just because AVG is popular doesn’t mean it’s not great.
AVG has become synonymous with free anti-virus, and there’s a reason for this: AVG offers complete malware protection, with considerably less bloat than the top pay-to-use antivirus clients. And while AVG Free does constantly remind you that you could pay for the professional version of the program, it does this without ever getting in the way of the program’s core purpose: protecting you from viruses.
10 best antivirus programs
Though when it comes to upgrading one version of AVG to another, you need to make sure you’re good at reading what’s on screen, because the free download is only available via a tiny link at the bottom of the screen””the site really wants you to get the paid version. When upgrading to version 9 recently, for example, check out how hidden the free download was:
10 best antivirus programs
Not exactly a big link, is it? Figure this minor inconvenience out, however, and AVG is a a really good free anti-virus. Download AVG.

Avira Free

free antivirus programs
In terms of simplicity, Avira’s right up there with MSE. It’s fairly lightweight, too, so the comparison is quite apt. While Avira does have a paid professional version to peddle, much like AVG, it’s not quite as aggressive as AVG in peddling it. I’d say Avira is solid and worth looking into for sure. Download Avira Free here.

Avast! Free

If this competition were for the coolest name, the piratey Avast! would win hands down. Even though that’s not what we’re discussing, Avast! stands up pretty well. This is one of the top free anti-viruses on the market, and for good reason: it’s remarkably complete. Expect great all-around protection, including against trojans and spyware. You can also expect constant reminders that there’s a free version you can upgrade to, on your desktop and in your inbox. Still, the protection is solid.


free antivirus programs
Whatever your default anti-virus is, you need Malwarebytes too. This program doesn’t run in your system background and constantly protect you, but when you run into a problem running Malwarebytes will usually take care of what other programs can’t. I’ve saved more than a few unbootable systems by running Malwarebytes from safe mode. This program takes care of any form of malware you throw at it, so keep it around. In fact, I’d keep this one on your flash drive in case you ever need to fix a computer for a friend (and if you’re reading this blog, you probably will).


Consider this the nuclear option. If you know you’ve got a virus, but your usual anti-virus program can’t handle it, and Malwarebytes can’t handle it, it’s time for ComboFix. This program isn’t friendly: it runs from a command window and is proud of it.  And this is not a program you should use if you don’t know what you’re doing, because it can have devastating effects in the hands of the uneducated. But when all else fails, ComboFix delivers. Every geek should have this one on their keychain.


free antivirus programs
Clamwin is the Windows version of ClamAV, the main Linux anti-virus on the market. ClamWin is flawed in many ways: it simply scans instead of offering real-time protection, it doesn’t really do non-virus malware and it’s not exactly easy to use. Still, having ClamWin around doesn’t cost anything, and you can never have enough scanning tools in your arsenal.
Download ClamWin and see if you like it.

Panda Cloud AntiVirus

totally free antivirus programs
At first I thought the idea of a cloud-based antivirus was stupid, because it would only work while I’m online. Then it occurred to me: why the heck do I need an anti-virus when I’m offline?
As the name suggests, Panda Cloud Antivirus stores its virus definitions online. There’s an upside to this: your definitions are always up to date. There’s a downside, too, however: your anti-virus is constantly making use of your network connection.
I’d say this is a really good idea for underpowered PCs with constant access to the net. Like, say, a netbook. But if you’ve got a netbook you shouldn’t be using Windows anyway;switch to Jolicloud and you’ll have a functional netbook operating system immune to practically every virus.
Read a previously published article on Panda Cloud. Then download Panda Cloud Antivirus if you’re interested.

Comodo Firewall + Antivirus

Comodo is best known for its free firewall, but it also offers a bundled firewall and antivirus program. While the Comodo firewall isn’t the easiest to use, and the antivirus doesn’t include protection for non-virus forms of  malware, this one’s worth mentioning if you’re looking for a free security suite which includes both a firewall and anti-virus protection.
totally free antivirus programs

Common Sense 2011

This one’s unusual in that it’s free and considered by far the best protection out there, yet can’t be downloaded anywhere. Without it, however, even the best security software is rendered useless.
If you haven’t already figured this out, Common Sense 2011 isn’t a product you can download so much as it is a state of mind. If you’re going to be free of viruses and malware you need to use your head while browsing the web. The most important thing to remember is this: if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is””and your computer will probably be compromised.
Free porn usually isn’t. Warez are best to be avoided altogether. Nigerians that need your help transferring money are never actually princes or princesses. You get the idea: avoid shady sites online and you’ll find you’ll get far less malware on your machine.


There are a lot of great free anti-virus programs out there, but what you use is mostly a matter of preference. Myself, I use Microsoft Security Essentials on my Windows machine because it’s free, lightweight and will never ask me for money. But I also make sure I always have Malwarebytes on my thumb drive for quickly removing viruses and malware from the computers of friends and family.
What about you? Which free anti-virus do you prefer? Commenting is good for you, so do so!

Pasang iklan

hari nie acik teruja sangat..sebab apa?
sebab banyak ilmu yang acik dapat dari Blogger Adam
dia ada bercerita tentang pasang iklan guna
dan acik tertarik sangat dengan penjelasan dia..jelas,ringkas dan mudah di fahami...
dan alhamdulillah,acik dah daftar...

nie apa yang dicerita mengenai iklan ini kredit to Blogger Adamxis 

klik gambar utk membaca dengan lebih jelas k...

jika korang berminat klik sini untuk mendaftar di k..selamat mencuba...

How to make own blogspot template for free...

hari nie acik nak tunjuk sesuatu kat korang..
macam mana nak buat template blog dengan PERCUMA...

ya...percuma...tak payah bayar apa2 pun dek non...
korang just pilih2 kaler,letak pic,ambil kod,paste kat edit html prview dan save..
tapi tengok dari kesesuaian juga la..klo rasa berkenan,save la..klo rasa macam tak best,tak di paksa pun..hehehe..

ok..nia ada 5 website yang menawarkan khidmat membuat template dengan percuma...sila klik pada nama dia yg besar utk melihat web dorang...sebenarnya dia nie maca generator..kita pilih,dorang yg akan setkan kod..senang kan..bagi korang yang baru belajar buat blog,boleh la tengok2 dulu..kot2 berkenan..

1.Firdamatic Layout Generator 

Firdamatic is an online tableless layout generator that allows you to create and customize layouts easily only by completing forms, making creating skins for your Blogger-based layout a breeze. This tool is available for free for personal/non-commercial use only and comes with no technical support. So use it at your own risk.

2. Pimp My Profile Blogger Template Generator 

Pimp My Profile Blogger Template generator should not be a preferred choice as it has the worst interface to work with. Surrounded by ads and sidebars on both sides and popping advertisements make the experience worse. But the Good thing is that you can keep previewing your template at any step. Although the simple 7 steps do the work yet customization options are still limited.

3. Trix Template Generator 

Trix Template Generator is a simple application for creating templates for Blogger/Blogspot without any much knowledge about HTML or XML language. If you have the imagination and the creativity, you can very well design templates to your likings. The interface is user friendly and the best thing is that you don't have to refresh or preview the changes. You can instantly see the changes as the tools are hovering over the actual template you are designing in the background.

4. PsycHo Template Generator 

PsycHo is one of the oldest but still lacks some attractive interface features but customization options are far more and better than other template makers. But as they are promising to update to some newer version they would definitely come up with some exciting new interface and ease of use. Again it doesn't require you to know any HTML coding - customization of every single bit of your template is behind those simple drop down boxes.

5. Artisteer Blogger Template Maker 

The most professional looking Blogger Template Maker - Artisteer is the latest discovery from blogger template designers and generators collection. It is the only application that works offline and you need to download it first to enjoy the most user friendly environment of all Template Makers. Interface is quiet familiar with that of MS Office 2007 that means every functions is at front Ribbon. The only and worst thing about Artisteer is that it's not free to use! It comes with a trial version. But the trial is unlimited and adds "trial" watermarks allover to exported templates and does not allow you to save designs as project file for future changes.
See the Artisteer demo.

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Simple header : Request 1#

As'salammualaikum..amboi..lamanya tak update entry kat sini...hehehe...
tak apa la,yang penting acik dah kembali..
sekarang nie acik nak penuhi permintaan pertama utk seorang saudari acik..acik tak tau nak letak di bawah label apa..jadi acik bagi tajuk simple header jer...

cik Dea..sila ambil req anda yea...tahniah kerana telah jadi yang pertama..
sila klik pic utk tumbesaran yg sihat yea...

oye..nape ade 2..? takut lau pic pertama tu pink dia terang sgt...
ambil dua2 pun tak pe...

Muslimah Doodle 006# : utk blogger Farhana


yeeaaayyy..Cik Farhana..acik ada watkan doodle utk Cik Farhana...maaf la klo tak cantik yea..maaf la klo kaler dia Cik Farhana tak berkenan..acik buka pandai mana pun doodle2 nie..acik pun bukan terima tempahan..cuma penuhi permintaan rakan2 blogger jer...sbg tanda persahabatn...

lau Cik Farhana rasa ada nak ubah,edit jer k..pas tu bubuh la apa yg patut...

nota kaki : ce la acik ada lappy sendiri,mesti acik dah leh wat lg baik..xla sempurna,tp ok sikit..doakan la semoga acik murah rezeki yea..insyaALLAH,amin..

Muslimah Doodle 005# : utk blogger Eyryn


hari tu kan Cik Eyryn ada komen kat blog acik (,dia/ kata dia nak gak doodle..acik tak tau la dia siyes ker tak..sbb doodle acik tu bukan cantik atau cute mana pun..tapi acik cuba juga penuhi permintaan dia..anggap la sebagai hadiah persahabatan dari acik

huhuhu..maaf yea klo tak cantik..dan kaler dia  Cik Eyryn tak berkenan..lau cik  Cik Eyryn tak suka, Cik Eyryn edit la yea...pas tu bubuh kaler yg sesuai k..

nota kaki : masi terus berusaha memperbaiki apa yg kurang...  (^_^)

Muslimah Doodle 004# : utk blogger Shida (2)


cik Shida ada minta tolong kat acik..ri tu kan acik ada wat doodle utk dia..tapi kaler pink..jadi dia minta acik ganti p kaler biru..maka dengan penuh rasa rendah dirinya,acik dah penuhi permintaannya itu..dan inilah hasilnya...
cik Shida.maaf yer lau tak cantik..bajunya acik biarkan polos coz lau sama cam skirt,xcantik lak acik tengok..tapi acik ada nak bagi ag lagi satu utk cik Shida sempena ramadhan nie..hehe..tapi tak la lengkap cam kat atas..harap cik Shida sudi menerima pemberian acik yg tak seberapa nie..
lau tak cantik,jangan marah acik yea..Shida akan ttp sayang acik kan kan kan... (^_^) ~~ <3

(ini adalah entri yg di copy dr blog acik

Muslimah Doodle 003# : utk Blogger Diyan

 Cik Diyan,maaf ye lau doodle nie tak secantik yg di harapkan..dan maaf jika acik terbuat kaler yg mungkin cik Diyan xberkenan..jika nak ubah,Cik Diyan edit jer pas tu tuangkan kaler yg anda nak yea...

(ini adalah entri yg di copy dari blog acik

Muslimah Doodle 002# : Utk Blogger Suraya


Cik Suraya ..sbb acik tengah kehabisan idea..nak kena buat banyak buat homework agi nie..dah la acik tak ada lappy sendiri,tu yg terbatas sangat masa acik nie...harap Cik Suraya jangan marah dan saman acik yea..hehehe..
maaf jika acik terbuat kaler yg mungkin korang xberkenan..jika nak ubah,Cik Suraya edit jer pas tu tuangkan kaler yg anda nak yea...

yupp..nie la doodle utk Cik Suraya..

(ini adalah entri yg di copy dr blog acik

Muslimah Doodle 001# : Utk Blogger Shida


my sweet friend,Cik Shida ada req nak acik watkan dia satu doodle..xtau la,siyes ker gurau Cik Shida tu..tapi acik ambil siyes req dia..maka acik pun ada wat 1 doodle utk dia...
Cik Shida..nie jer acik leh wat setakat nie..lau tak cantik jangan marah yea..insyaALLAH klo acik dah pandai,acik buat lagi elok dari nie yea...

(ini adalah entri copy paste dari blog acik :

Follower ke-500


huh..???!! follower ke 500? kat blog nie tak ada pn 500 follower..

hehehe..kat blog nie mmg la tak ada..tapi kat blog rasmi acik

insan ke-500 itu adalah adk Nurul Syafiqah

lau korang nak pi blog adk nie,klik je banner tu..jangan lupa follow sekali yea..hehe (tolong promo sikit)

p/s utk adk syafiqah : adk,akk tak ada apa2 nak kasi..tapi adk cam suka kaler purple kan..jd akk wat award nie guna kaler purple..

klik gambar utk tumbesaran yg sihat..
akk wat simple jer..lagipun akk tak pandai sgt wat doodle..hehehe...sudilah terima yea,yea..